Hello everyone!
This is our new Blogger site where we'll post everything that goes on in our little shop in Belleville,
and interact with everyone.
We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and seeing what everyone has to say!
Also tell us what would you like to see posted here.
Have a happy week everyone!


  1. I ordered 2 plants for a friend and they were perfect and beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and price!

  2. Love your window Display with a life size Nativity scene! Perfect for now and looks good on Main in Belleville!! Much appreciated☺.

  3. Love your widow display with a life size Nativity scene! Perfect for now and looks good on Main in Belleville. Much appreciated☺.

  4. Called to make sure that they had grave blankets...was told yes, children's from $29.99 up to adults $59.99...drove all the way out there to the shop on Tyler Rd. They only had about 10 blankets outside...ended up getting 2 of them and also got one wreath on the stand...asked how much they would take off for just the wreath and they said $5.00...I agreed and asked for 2 of the metal stakes to put it in the ground...the charged me $2.00 for them...for all three items I spent almost $150...and they actually still would not give me the 2 lousy stakes. Also mom couldn't even get out of the car (she's 96) because their entire parking area was full of ice. I would NOT recommend anyone waste their time driving all the way out there for minimal options. I know I won't ever patronize them again

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